Dental information for pets - Have you received a stinky kiss from your dog or cat lately?

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Severe Periodontal DiseaseHave you received a stinky kiss from your dog or cat lately?
Did you know that 85% of dogs and cats over 1 year of age have periodontal disease?
Dental disease can lead to tooth loss and gum & bone destruction; it can also affect internal organs & exacerbate diseases already present in your pet. Plaque is the soft accumulation of bacteria and cells that covers your pet's teeth. This plaque can be removed by tooth brushing. Plaque can develop into tartar, which is the hard yellow or brown material stuck to the tooth surface. Tartar can only be removed properly by a dental scaling.


How do you prevent or treat dental disease in your pet? You can:

1) Brush the teeth daily with pet toothpaste or use dental chew products to keep the teeth clean.
2) Have your pet's teeth checked by our staff to look for evidence of dental disease.
3) Have a full dental cleaning performed (under anesthesia) to take care of diseased teeth and remove accumulated tartar from tooth surfaces.

We use hand instruments and an ultrasonic scaler to remove the tartar.

The teeth are then evaluated. If the tartar has caused severe periodontal

disease (as above picture) some teeth may need extraction. The final step

is to polish the teeth.

Home dental care is strongly recommended. Talk to our staff on how to keep your pet's mouth healthy.