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Our goal

Our goal is to provide information on veterinary topics in an interesting and fun way. Topics will range from diseases to general animal subjects. Hope you enjoy the blog and that you learn something new. Let us know if there are topics you would like to read about. The blog is written by Robert Aldrich, DVM, owner of Veterinary Associates of Westville, 1292 Whalley Ave., New Haven, CT, 06515. Phone 203-387- 6648.

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Dr. Bob's of Dogs and Cats

Table of contents:

Veterinary topics

1) Leptospirosis

2) Intestinal worms

3) Pain in dogs and cats

4) Pain Medicines for your Dog and Cat

5) Vaccinations in dogs

6) Vaccinations in Cats

7) Veterinary Fees

8) Modern veterinary medicine

9) Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs

10) When is it time to say goodbye?

   General topics:

 1) Sniffing at the world

  2) Feeding your dog

  3) Choosing a Pet

  4) Socializing your puppy or kitten