Cat handling - Suggestions on how to prepare your cat for a veterinary visit.

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Most cats do not view a trip to the veterinarian as a trip to the spa. There are ways you can make the visit more comfortable for your friend.

Person holding white cat

1. Leave your carrier out for a few days before your appointment.

2. Encourage your cat to get in and out by putting some treats in the carrier.

3. If possible take your cat for drives periodically that do not end up at the veterinary office.

4. Bring a towel that you can put over the carrier in the car and in the waiting room.

5. If possible schedule your appointment at our cat only times. These are 1 PM to 3 PM on Mondays and Fridays.

6. If you need to come to the office during regular hours we will try to put you quickly into an exam room.


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